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Fish Menù
Our wines
Fabio Tammaro
Officina del Crudo - Take Away
Sfritto • Terron Street Food
Officina del Crudo - Take Away

Take-Away specializing in raw fish, shellfish and oysters.

To taste all the sea possible, comfortably, even at home!


We are open every day, from 12:00 to 15:00 with the following services:
• Delivery throughout Verona, with home delivery (via the Deliveroo app);
• Take Away by reservation, with collection directly from the Officina dei Sapori, in Via Moschini 26, Verona.


For info and orders please do not hesitate to contact us.




Natural raw fish
Knife-worked and ready to eat raw - about 50g

• Mediterranean tuna tartare
Red tuna, alletterato tuna
or albacore tuna, depending on ...
€ 9.50

• Mediterranean fish tartare
Swordfish, grouper, amberjack,
croaker or monkfish ...
€ 9.50

• White fish sashimi
Very thin slices obtained from
softer part of the fillet ...
€ 9.50

• Triptych of fish
Two tartare beaten with a knife of 50 grams each
and a white fish sashimi. All seasoned with ...
€ 27.00

Gourmet raw fish
The raw material that goes well with refined and gourmet combinations, ideal for a special meal ...

• Fish tartare, confit tomato and blue goat cheese with basil
A classic Sorrentine combination where the products
of the earth marry with the fish ones.
€ 11.00

• Sashimi, pumpkin (pulp, toasted seeds and dried peel) and sage water
Very thin slices of fish obtained from the plus part
soft fillet, the back.
€ 11.00

• Carpaccino, Sicilian Bio citrus sauce and shichimi togarachi
Very thin slices of fish obtained from the plus part
soft fillet, the back. In combination with a ...
€ 11.00


Natural raw shellfish
All the crustaceans will arrive clean, shelled and ready to eat raw

• Selection of Mazara del Vallo: 1 prawn, 1 red prawn and 2 purple prawns
€ 18.00

• Selection of the Adriatic Sea: 2 shrimp and 3 shrimp
€ 18.00

• Mazara del Vallo scampi - 1 piece
€ 5.00

• Red shrimp of Mazara del Vallo - 1 piece
€ 4.50

• Purple shrimp from Mazara del Vallo - 1 piece
€ 4.50

• Shrimp of the Adriatic Sea - 1 piece
€ 4.50

• Scallop - 1 piece
€ 4.50

• Mantis shrimp of Chioggia - 1 piece
€ 4.00


Oysters of the day
Based on arrivals from the French, Italian and Portuguese markets - ready to eat
• Spècial Caliber 3 - Italy - one piece
€ 5.00

• Spècial Caliber 3 - Normandy - one piece
€ 5.50

• Gran Cru Caliber 5 - one piece
€ 7.50


Cooked appetizers
Ideal to whet the appetite before a main dish or after a good raw dish
• Seared scallops, turmeric potato mousse and capers (3 pieces)
One of our workhorses: soft,
enveloping, comfortable and tasty.
€ 16.00

• Canestrelli au gratin - 8 pieces
Canestrelli di Chioggia au gratin with bread
scented with herbs
€ 16.00

• "Bouchot" mussel and potato soup - without shells
We use the famous French "pole" oysters
Bouchot, combining them with the tasty potatoes of C ...
€ 16.00


First dishes
• Spaghetti with rock fish and basil ragù (ready to eat or to cook at home)
For the sauce we use all bottom fish:
scorpion fish, gurnard, mallet, priest fish and turbot. ...
€ 16.00

• Mediterranean Pokè: rice, tuna tartare, black sesame, edamame, cabbage, carrots, wasabi mayo
The famous Hawaiian dish revisited with ingredients
of the Mediterranean. Fresh, light and satisfying.
€ 16.00


Mediterranean fish main courses
Fresh, freshly made and ready to eat

• Seared tuna steak, sliced ​​and seasoned with salt flakes and extra virgin olive oil
Seared steak quickly, quickly, style
tataki, sliced ​​and ready to eat.
€ 16.00

• White fish morsels, fish peara and horseradish
Soft seared fish nuggets laid on
a creamy fish pearà.
€ 16.00

• Crustacean Soup: red prawn soup and shrimp tails
A warm and satisfying crustacean-based sauce
of the Mediterranean. Without carapaces or shells.
€ 18.00

• Grilled shellfish: two scampi and two prawns
We only use Sicilian crustaceans, caught in
west of Mazara del Vallo
€ 20.00

Fresh seasonal side dishes
They vary according to the availability of the fruit and vegetable market.
• Side dish of the day ...
€ 5.00

Bakery products
Our loaf of artisan bread of semi-wholemeal flours and our hand-stretched durum wheat breadsticks
• Loaf of fresh bread, cooked at the moment (220/230 gr.)
Artisan loaf of 230/240
€ 5.00

• Breadsticks - 250 gr
Hand-stretched artisan durum wheat breadsticks
€ 5.00


in the wonderful setting of an elegant historic residence, a stone's throw from Ponte Pietra and the Roman Theater

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it is smelled, observed, tasted, sipped and finally ... talked about

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